No Fear

by Solitude State

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all songs by patryk grymuza
recorded and mixed by patryk grymuza




all rights reserved


Solitude State Poznań, Poland

Solitude State was formed in 2010 in Poznań, Poland by Patryk Grymuza. By that time it was his solo project. In 2012 during their first tour, the band line-up was finally stabilized (Bartłomiej Dziamski - bass guitar, Marcin Haremza - drums). In 2013, the full-length album was recorded under the name - Full Time Dreamers. ... more

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Track Name: cocoon
safe,you are safe
but don`t you dare to go to sleep again
because i`m looking at you
fake,i`m fake,i`m weak
but don`t you dare to go to sleep
because i`m here with you

if you stop to feel,you won`t feel pain
if you stop to dream,you won`t lose again
you lose again
Track Name: 4:30 am
i`ve seen it sleeping by day
then bustling at the same time
full of people in a rush heading
for their own growth

every night we used to stroll with the wind
the blind couldn`t get to sleep
the blind couldn`t proper talk
learning how to walk

the city knows what i`ve done
reminds me of it at every step i take
i`m not grateful fot that
but time after time i smile back

dreams under attack by associations
past events lead us to confessions
this is the place where i belong
Track Name: a witches dance
a face
burning face in my hands
i am leaving you just for a while
among many words on a single breath we wont have the strength
wake up in the morning,i know there must be something
love to live!
love to live!
love to live!

(no fear)
Track Name: dead end
strain again trembling hands
you’re smiling
still in the same poses
you’re smiling
strain again trembling hands
im running away to you
cause im frightened
which one of us is frightened more?

you’re hiding and smiling
you’re not looking back, tryin’ not to think

are you like this only when i look?
Track Name: too much is never enough
has she made a face of that man yet?
look an old man gently tapping his cane
lets his beloved go first
when will she let down her hair again?
dressed only in scent

embrace the moon when you want to cry
cuddle the child when it shouts
let yourself not have too much
Track Name: a spring walk
now, when green and red lights
are claiming the right
to fade away first
with an even breath
with closed eyes
i’m listening to time as it passes by
neon light are glaring at me
street lamps are giving me a furtive look

the fear is loosing its posture of
a circus giant

it’s the evening time
i know i have you
i know i have no one